Our route –
Tbilisi – Vardzia – Borjomi – Mestia – Gori – Kazbegi – Tbilisi.

Note: If you want to see where each photo is taken then just place your mouse on the picture.

I was dreaming about Georgia for the least five years and whether you are considering visiting Georgia or not, stop now! Just pack your bags and dive into this magical land of breath taking views, delicious food and welcoming people. Such a colourful place. We enjoyed every single day and we will definitely return one day. We started off with just 3-hour sleep and a straight 6-hour car journey to the south part of Goergia. We actually spent more than 24 hours on the road throughout the whole trip. We also had our first real hiking experience and we pretty much tasted all of the traditional dishes and I must say that I absolutely fell in love with Georgian cuisine.

If you are brave enough to rent a car and try to fit in the Georgian driving culture, at some point you will realise that cows are your best friends as they are literarily everywhere, but mostly just sitting or chilling on the roads, so be careful as you might find a bunch of them just as you come out of a corner. And yes, most of them are in a friendly bunch of 5 so you might have to work on your slalom skills as you go through the cow labyrinth.

I suggest to really enjoy and take in everything that Georgia offers. From amazingly delicious cuisine and stylish restaurants/cafes to small streets with beautiful architecture. And definitely try to have a sneak peek inside the yards because some of them have amazing gems inside such as old abandoned houses with beautifully hand painted ceilings. Of course they also have few super modern buildings. Just don’t be afraid to stop the car and take pictures wherever you go, as the views are to die for. We had an excellent wine tasting session at chateau Mukhrani so I strongly suggest that you choose them for the wine tasting experience and they also have beautiful organic gardens with all the good stuff. Oh and yes, we also did paragliding for the first time and I fell in love even though I am afraid of heights and didn’t want to do it at first.

Ok, so lets get down to business. I have made two lists. A MUST see, eat and do list where you will find all the things that we really liked and enjoyed. And another more casual list of things that we saw, ate and did but that did not excite us as much. I won’t explain much about each place, but I will leave the addresses or names so it is really up to you to explore further when you plan your trip.



Mestia. Hiking day trips to Chalaadi glacier and Cross and Koruldi lakes. But be aware that in the summer the lakes look more like ponds.

Restaurant Laila. They have amazing live music with folk group and dancers.

Rooms hotel Kazbegi definitely you have to visit, even if it is just for lunch or even better to wake up with the amazing view of the Kazbegi mountain. And I definitely could agree with the people who say that they have amazing breakfast here, especially when you are visiting Kazbegi at the end of your trip.

Paragliding. We used this company – Even if you are afraid of heights, like me, just go and do it. Because it is really like meditation once you get in the air.

Enguri Dam –

Funicular restaurant. One of the fanciest restaurants in Tbilisi. Great food and views.


Café Leila. Great vegetarian restaurant.კაფე-ლეილა-1519161304994687/

Keto& Kote –

Rooms hotel Tbilisi restaurant-

Lolita. Best Bloody Mary.

Shavi Lomi –შავი-ლომი-Shavi-Lomi-Tbilisi-Cuisine-122512711165833/

Market. The Dezerter Bazaar or also called Desertir Market on google maps

Chateau Mukhrani –

National Botanical Garden of Georgia in Tblisi.


Vardzia cave monastery –

Borjomi open air swimming pool and mineral water park.

PurPur- honestly you can go the just for chocolate fondant and interior.

Xeme Bar for cocktails & views –

Holy trinity cathedral-

We stayed at Fabrika in Tbilisi, for borjomi, mestia and gori just go through and see what’s the best option for you, in kazbegi we stayed at rooms
hotel and in Tibilisi we rented a house through airbnb

Well, I hope that I could help you a little bit with info and pictures to decide whether to go or not. And I really hope you have wonderful trip!