Can you spend 3 days in Paris and do nothing but go from restaurant to restaurant?
And the answer is – YES YOU CAN.

Note: If you want to see where each photo is taken then just place your mouse on the picture.

As we were taking train to get to Paris, we were looking for the nearest and coolest (obviously) airbnb.  And we found super cool apartment just couple minutes away from train station.

I wont tell how amazing every place was because we really had amazing experiences in all of them. And yes they are all a must when in Paris.

Most of the first day we spent in Palace of Versailles.

I would suggest that if you want to really enjoy the palace then get there at least 40 minutes before opening time. It’s so much nicer when you can enjoy the rooms without huge groups of tourists.

I have to admit that I was a little disappointed when I finished my tour in palace. I don’t know why, maybe I was waiting for something more or I have been to too many Manors and Palaces. But let me tell you what is an absolute must – its musical fountains. Some of them were breath taking. However, the last grand show before closing was a total disappointment after we have seen some of the ‘’woow” and exceptionally beautiful shows.

But there are more things to see than the palace itself and fountains. You can get away from crowds and find really peaceful places and hidden gems. For example, a small theatre.

We finished our day in one of the top 50 best bars in the world – Little red door.

You get a menu; well what you really get is more like an art album. You have to choose one image that speaks to you the most and you don’t know the name of the cocktail or ingredients.  Actually you can take a sneak peek, but what’s the fun in that? I was super excited when I found out about the place and the concept and we weren’t disappointed. And I actually did get one off the menu cocktail, which was my favourite of the night.

Next day we started with cakes. Yes you read right WITH CAKES!

You can choose which café is the nearest to you because they have many places around the city. As you can see in pictures the place is a cake heaven.

Next stop, I have to say, was my favourite place in our trip to Paris. And its name is Derriere.

It’s like an apartment style venue. You can choose where to sit whether it’s in the lounge, dining room, bedroom, boudoir or secret game room. We went for champagne brunch and I must admit that we spent there about 4 hours. 4 hours of amazing food and cakes but our favourite was mangos I think we ate at least 3 plates of them. Oh and we also chose in our opinion the coolest room of them all – the bedroom. (That was before we found the secret room).

As we had made plans for dinner we couldn’t eat all day. We went to best place where you can see the whole city.

For dinner we had planed one of the hottest spots in town- Daroco. The food is typical Italian trattoria. Not only the food was amazing but the interior was also super stylish. And don’t forget to go to the bar for some tasty cocktails.

And once again we finished our night at one of the best bars in the world –  Candelaria.

For a second you feel like you are in a movie because you have to go through a taqueria to get into the bar. And the place is buzzing with people. You can spin a spinner and let the faith choose a cocktail for you. Also really cool experience and cocktails.

For our last day we had plans, but we were quite interrupted as it was 1st of May and there were some protests taking place. The only thing we didn’t try was éclairs as all the places were closed. But what we did have was an amazing late breakfast at Pierre Sang in Oberkampf.

If you like surprises then this is the right place. You only find out what you had after finishing each plate. We chose the 5-course meal because we enjoy surprises and we weren’t disappointed. Each of us had a different dish because some of us don’t eat fish, meat or both. But our favourite was the dessert. It was so fresh and so interesting with a little bit of everything.

After that we went to Monceau park where Claude Monet had painted six views.

For lunch we went to have picnic at the Eiffel tower as we had bought all the goods for most cliché picnic with baguettes and bubbles just before breakfast at Maison Landemaine After that we had a ride with carousel which is my obsession everywhere I go.

And right before we left we had the best falafel in town. And yes, there is a line and you have to queue because they are that good.

So yes you can walk, eat, drink, have a magical time and repeat this every day.