All photos were taken on iPhone XS Max.

If you are wondering whether all those amazing stories you’ve heard about Iceland and all the mind-blowing pictures on insta is reality…. I’m here to confirm that everything is a true story.

Yes, Iceland is picture perfect.

Yes, you can start your day with a snow storm or heavy rain and end it on a sunny note with a rainbow.

Yes, Iceland has a one-of-a-kind nature. You don’t even need to see all the usual tourist spots to get blown away by how beautiful Iceland is.

Yes, you probably will see many waterfalls in one day.

Yes, Iceland definitely will show you what real wind is.

Yes, you can have many bucket list moments in Iceland.

And on that note let’s get to the business.

I won’t be writing about how beautiful and amazing all the places were because all of them were one of a kind. I will just write what we did each day.

We were there from 8.-11. of November.

We did rent a car straight from the airport.

We spent first evening in Reykjavik which means I will post most of my suggestion’s food wise from that evening because you’ve probably heard that outside Reykjavik there aren’t that many memorable food experiences. So, my suggestion is to get an airbnb with a breakfast option and for lunch or dinner just google what is the nearest restaurant because there really aren’t that many.

First stop on day one was blue lagoon. if you haven’t made a reservation then there’s a big chance you won’t be able to enjoy the spa, but if you want to just walk around then you don’t need a booking.

Obviously wandering around the city is a thing and there’s no chance you won’t go by the Hallgrímskirkja church and the Sun Voyager.

Punk museum.

If you are wondering why I’m writing about a punk museum even though none of us are punk fans… The honest answer is that the weather was horrible and we’ve been walking for quite some time and there were no cafes in sight so once we saw this old public toilet that is now converted into a punk museum, we couldn’t refuse ourselves. And we actually spent quite some time there reading history of Icelandic punk and you can even play some instruments and the owner was super fun.

Great place for cocktails –

For dinner I highly recommend this place – Design, food and service was superb.

Day 2:

Delicious breakfast-

As we knew that there won’t be any good lunch spots along the way, we stopped at one of the best Reykjavik’s bakeries – for the freshest bread and pastries.

As I’m obsessed with ponies, I was super happy that you can see them almost anywhere. No need for bookings or anything like that. If you see them along the road, you can just stop and admire them. There were even few spots where you could buy the proper food to feed them.

Kerid Crater lake – eye popping Icelandic crater lake that is surrounded by red volcanic rock.

URRIÐAFOSS WATERFALL has more volume than any other waterfall.

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall. Get your raincoat ready, because you can walk literarily behind the waterfall.

Skogafoss Waterfall. With a great viewing platform.

Sólheimajökull Icelandic Glacier. Definitely a must.

The Black Sand Beach of Reynisfjara. Whilst you will be freezing to death, you could see many tourists having their wedding photoshoots with many outfit changes and a whole team behind them.

Day 3.

Most of the day 3 we spent on a snowmobile and a natural ice cave tour. For me the experience definitely was a bucket list moment. I highly recommend you to do that. We were really lucky that day because we didn’t have any fog and it was super sunny which means you can clearly see the roads and also many miles ahead. The views are truly one of a kind.

If you really like to eat as much tomatoes as I do, you will enjoy lunch or dinner among tomato plants where even the drinks are served in tomatoes.

If you can’t book the blue lagoon then the secret lagoon is also a good option. We actually preferred it a lot more as there were less people

Day 4

Gullfoss waterfall. I have only two words – stunning and iconic.

The Geysir field.

And we finished our trip at the Thingvellir National Park.

Note: if you want to see where each photo was taken then just hover over the pictures with your mouse.