Our route- Epernay, Lyon, Marseille, Gigondas, Paris.

We actually visited Lyon twice (summer & wintertime) so I will just combine both trips.

Note: If you want to see where each photo was taken, then just place your mouse on the picture.

This time we drove from London with a car which meant that finally I could bring all the shoes and bags I wanted. A dream come true.

How can you not love France? The nature is breath-taking, design and architecture is super cool and food scene is next level. The only thing that I will be waiting for – is that the cocktail scene will get better outside Paris. But as always, I managed to find couple good ones, so I got you covered in case you are a cocktail junkie. But let’s be honest – nothing and I mean NOTHING could beat France in carousel game. After many years of research, I can assure you that they have the coolest carousels with even cooler backgrounds.

My partner in crime is obsessed with driving, so when I told him that we should celebrate his birthday in Gigondas where “Outstanding in the field” had one of their European tour dinners, he told me that we should do a road trip. Not going to lie, the biggest selling point was that I can bring unlimited accessories.

So as per usual, I will write mostly about food and cocktail scene in each city. Because who wants to read tips what to do and where to go in each place or how beautiful is each city.



Well, is there anything else to do in Epernay than to start drink champagne at 9.00 am? The answer is NO!

In two days, we managed to go to three champagne tours. But you definitely should check and book all tours beforehand. Not all houses work every day.

We managed to go to-



Moet & Chandon

Although we aren’t the biggest fans of Moet & Chandon, I have to admit that we were really surprised by how much we enjoyed the tour itself and the champagne. I highly recommend to choose the grand vintage tour.

And for Mercier was the same story, as we didn’t expect much, but the tour itself was really enjoyable and innovative as the creator Mercier himself.

For dinner we chose – La table Kobus


For breakfast grab some freshly baked goodies from nearest boulangerie.



Not going to lie, it was hard to choose where to go for meals because Lyon is considered the ‘world’s capital of gastronomy’. It definitely didn’t disappoint. So that’s why we spent most of the time in restaurants.

Monsieur P – Surprise after surprise.

New China Lyon –

Culina hortus- Veggie fine dining, but even non vegetarians will tell you that you won’t be disappointed. More like you will be surprised by the food quality and how a simple tomato salad can get stuck in your brain as one of the best dishes from the whole trip.

La Mutinerie The design is top notch, however the restaurant is not meant for Vegetarians or Pescatarians as the only option is to eat meat, unless you go just for a desert as they have one of the best cheese deserts out there. But for meat eaters, this place will definitely be something to remember.

Bar Le Florian- Honestly you can skip this bar although the looks were there, but the drinks weren’t the best quality.

Le Fantome De L’opera- a must.

Copper roots

Victoire et Thomas You should definitely have at least one meal there.

L’Établi-  If you enjoy eating with your eyes as well.

Black Forest Society-

L’antiquare- simple but very good.

Le dome- spent there most of our time whilst at Lyon. 72 meters between the drinks and the ceilings should be enough information to put it on a must list.

We love the movie “A Good Year” and we couldn’t pass on the opportunity to visit their famous “Date Night” scene set. The town is so small that we walked around it in 10min.



Sepia- the freshest tuna I have ever had. And if you get the table with a view looking over the city it tastes even better.

Pizzeria Chez Jeannot-

Carry nation  A secret bar where you will need a passcode and climb through a closet to get to the bar.

Gaspard-  One of the best cocktail experiences throughout the whole trip.



As you might remember, I wrote how Gigondas was our main reason for doing this trip. One of my bucket list moments and definitely one of the best food experiences I’ve had. I will always remember this dinner. Outstanding in the field- one long table for one night. The best local chef will cook you a dinner and the best local winery will share their best wines.

I could write about this experience for hours, but nothing will compete with the emotions you get once you live through it and enjoy the magical night.

So, our dinner was held at the Pierre Amadieu picture perfect vineyard

Chef was Chez Serge

As I’m a true truffle lover, I was so happy to hear that our dinner will be filled with truffles. And imagine my face when my partner in crime got a special gift from the chef at the end of dinner – bag full of truffles. I’m not going to lie, I almost didn’t share any with him. I made the same simple dish we had at Gigondas, bought the best baguette and olive oil I could and added truffles. And it was heavenly delicious.

I will cherish that night forever. So special. There is no doubt that you should get a ticket and experience it for yourself.



The main reason I went to Paris this time, is one of my favourite restaurants in the world. Derriere not only they have the best brunch, but I mainly go there for the most perfect mangos. Words can’t describe the things I would give up to eat them every day.

So that’s it for now. I’m writing this whilst Covid is still going strong, but I have the best memories and I can’t wait to go back.

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