Hi there.

My name is Dace aka “the Professional Life Enjoyer”.

I’m not a chef or food critic but I can cook. At least that’s the gossip.

I like everything that is extraordinary and crazy; especially when we are talking about how the food is served or how crazy looking are the cocktails. But obviously taste has to be excellent and go hand in hand with the crazy presentation style.

I see the world trough pictures, not letters and I use Sound of a Tasty Life as a platform where I can showcase what my experiments have brought to life

You can find a lot on this website, however on special occasions I will publish reviews and short recipes only on Instagram, so don’t forget to follow – @soundofatastylife

FYI: If you want to reuse anything that you have found in this marvellous page, remember to include the site in credits

I’m giving you my sound of a tasty life. Hope you will enjoy it.

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